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I see swing sets at my local "big box" store for less. Why should I pay more for an Emerald Playset?

If price is your main concern, then yes. you should purchase the cheapest product. However, if QUALITY, SAFETY, AESTHETICS, and DURABILITY are at least equal if not HIGHER factors, then you should do your diligence and consider Emerald Playsets. Our products are SOLID wood construction, not pressed wood, not laminated wood, not particle board, and not cheap thin (rustable) metal. This translates into a long lasting, HIGH quality hand crafted product. We all know sometimes quality suffers when products are mass produced on an assembly line floor. Why take a chance on allowing your children or grandchildren to play on something that was “mass produced”. 

Custom built... That means higher priced, right?

Yes and No. It can mean high priced, but it can also mean a better product for you at a competitive price. Emerald Playsets has a range of “standard” styled play systems at different price points. Emerald Playsets also offer a fantastic Rent-to-Own program that allows us to offer these play systems at monthly payments to fit ANY budget.

Can you ship it and I put it together myself?

No.  Playsets are NOT shipped unassembled or in boxes. We build each playset by hand on our production floor. It is crafted, stained or Emerald painted, then assembled. We then ship (on our specially designed trailer) the fully assembled playset with our installation crew to your site and install it. When we quote you a price, delivery and installation aren’t separate. They are included in our prices to you. 

How long will it take to install my playset?

It depends on two things: the path we have to take to get to the installation site and the size of the Emerald Playset you purchased. Of course if the route to your installation site is flat, level and encumbrance (trees/powerlines/fences/ravines, etc.) free; then that will take less time than a rocky, sloping, hilly, route. Once there at the installation site: our smaller systems take about 30-90 mins. Our larger Playsets can take up to 3 hours. Generally, 80% of our installs take 1-2 hours once we arrive.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the contiguous United States. Alaska on a case by case basis. Hawaii? Sorry, we don’t have a specially designed boat yet to make the trip.